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Hammond told the House of Commons on Wednesday: "In view of the uncertainty facing the economy, and in the face of slower growth forecasts, we no longer seek to deliver a surplus in 2019-20". Hammond also announced a £23bn National Productivity Investment Fund but gave no details on how or where this money would be spent. Chancellor Philip Hammond spoke for around an hour while delivering today's Autumn Statement.

Japan's leader says he will visit Pearl Harbor with President Barack Obama at the end of this month. Obama and Abe will also visit the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, the statement added. Abe was the first foreign leader to meet with President-elect Donald Trump after his victory last month. Obama's visit to Hiroshima and Akei's visit to Pearl Harbor fueled speculation the Japanese prime minister would reciprocate.

Stein will hold a news conference Monday morning on the status of her recount efforts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump won Michigan's 16 electoral votes by just 0.2 percentage points, leading Stein to market the recount as an effort to explore whether voting machines and systems had been hacked and the election result manipulated.

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The shift - aimed at draining a crude glut that's pushed down prices for two years - will help revive the tattered finances of oil-producing countries and reverberate in markets around the world, from the Canadian dollar to Nigerian bonds to USA shale equities.

Regardless, Penn State Coach James Franklin responded graciously, accepting the consolation prize that came with the No. 5 slot - a trip to the Rose Bowl to face USC. Top-ranked Alabama, the SEC champ, is the only unbeaten team in the Power 5 conferences. No. 1 Alabama, No. 3 Clemson and No. 4 Washington won their respective conference title games in decisive fashion, so it's unlikely any of those teams will fall.

But it still remains that there is no one-loss team from a Power-5 conference ranked lower than fifth. Ohio State came into the 1969 game on a 22-game winning streak, and was largely considered one of the greatest college football teams ever put together.

Constitutionally, Lessig makes the highly idiosyncratic, original and mistaken claim that the Electoral College was intended as a "safety valve" or "circuit breaker" to allow the electors to ignore the public's vote. Daylin Leach, a Democrat representing DE and Montgomery Counties, announced Thursday he will introduce legislation that could result in Pennsylvania joining the National Popular Vote Compact - a system that favors the popular vote victor in a presidential race.

US President-elect Donald Trump has added 16 more electoral votes to his tally with authorities in MI certifying that he has won the state, almost three weeks after the presidential poll. County election officials hired temporary workers, expanded hours and dusted off recount manuals to prepare for the work of re-tabulating almost three million ballots.

A court hearing on the recount request will take place Monday. Trump won narrow victories over Democrat Hillary Clinton in all three states, part of the industrial heartland of the country until manufacturers started leaving for Mexico and other low-wage countries.

Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that the claims of UK Prime Minister Theresa May regarding Russian Federation " s alleged interference in humanitarian aid supplies in Syria " s Aleppo are groundless and Britain should stop getting in the way of Russian Federation supplying aid to Syria, especially since it does not supply any aid of its own.

He said he wanted "energetic talks" to "finally resolve the sovereignty of the four islands in a mutually acceptable form and conclude a peace treaty". Lavrov said he told Kishida that deployment of USA anti-missile systems in the Asia-Pacific region is a threat. The U.N. Security Council on Wednesday unanimously adopted a new sanctions resolution in response to Pyongyang's fifth and largest nuclear test in September.

Two pro-Trump groups, the Great America PAC and the Stop Hillary PAC, along with Wisconsin voter Ronald R. Johnson went to federal court late Thursday to try and stop the recount . And Michigan has to recount 4.8 million ballots, making a December 13 deadline seem lofty. Lawyers for Mr Trump argued that Ms Stein cannot seek a recount in MI because she was not "aggrieved" enough that any miscount in votes could have altered her election outcome.

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