HTC planning to launch mobile VR headset

HTC planning to launch mobile VR headset

A launch date for HTC's upcoming mobile virtual reality headset has not yet been announced. But at the same time, the device is said to be compatible with HTC's upcoming flagship U Ultra smartphone, meaning it is at least "mobile VR".

Speaking to CNET, HTC chief financial officer, Chia-lin Chang, said the company has a "good plan in terms of combining mobility with VR". The latest announcement most clearly underlines HTC's transition into a VR-oriented company, especially as its core smartphone business continues to struggle. However, in order to deliver the best possible experience, it needs to be paired with a powerful and equally expensive high-end PC.

While details are scant for now, it's clear that HTC has high hopes for virtual reality.

HTC is developing a new VR device. If HTC is cooking up a mobile VR product and you are at all interested in VR, you should probably be excited about this.

While neither a confirmation or denial, HTC would be foolish not grow their Vive brand into the mobile space, which is growing far rapidly than the high-end VR sector.

Chang said HTC will reduce the volume of phones it puts on the market, with plans to launch six or seven at most in 2017.

Initially the focus was on PC-based devices mimicking the Oculus Rift, but now with the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View, there are many headsets based around pairing with a phone; with the handset docking in front of the viewer's eyes.

Last week though, the company revealed its revenue for January was down 28 percent on its 2016 number, reporting NT$4.7 billion in 2017 compared to NT$6.5 billion a year prior.

Chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang, however, highlighted the company's virtual reality business in what was otherwise a dismal quarter for HTC.