Police officer rams burning truck away from restaurant

Police officer rams burning truck away from restaurant

A pickup truck erupted in flames Saturday night while in the drive-thru lane at the Jack in the Box restaurant off Interstate 35E and Bear Creek Road.

An officer with the Glenn Heights Police Department, located just south of Dallas, responded to a call around 9:15 p.m. February 11 at a local Jack in the Box restaurant. Officer Chris Womack responded to a fire at a Jack In The Box fast food restaurant.

He successfully moved the vehicle away from the building using his patrol vehicle.

That's when Womack took his patrol auto and pushed the truck forward and away from the restaurant.

The truck's engine caught ablaze as a family was buying dinner.

Because of Officer Womack's quick thinking nobody in the restaurant or the drive-through was injured and there was no damage to the restaurant. Thanks for being a local hero, Officer Womack!

Police have not said what happened to the driver of the truck.

"It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time", he told Fox 29.