Tim Cook calls for a "massive campaign" to combat fake news

Tim Cook calls for a

Technology firms must up their game in tackling "fake news", Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Saturday, calling for a major public information campaign.

According to the Telegraph, he said made-up stories and hoaxes are "killing people's minds".

"All of us technology companies need to create some tools that help diminish the volume of fake news", the United States tech giant boss told the Daily Telegraph in an interview.

The campaign that should be launched to address the problem of fake news should be similar to the ones that were able to change the attitudes of people regarding the environment, Cook claims, and that governments and technology companies should work together for such initiatives. "We need the modern version of a public service announcement campaign. It can be done quickly if there is a will". There has to be a massive campaign.

Mr Cook believes the war on fake news can be won in the long-term, and that people's appetite for in-depth, investigative journalism remains stronger than the apparent public hunger for clickbait.

A study by economists at Stanford University and New York University published two months after November's USA presidential election found that in the run-up to the vote, fake anti-Clinton stories had been shared 30 million times on Facebook, while those favouring her were shared eight million times. The fake news which broke out in USA presidential elections gave a wrong image on most of the new websites.

"The smartphone is for everyone", Cook added, "we don't have to think the iPhone is about a certain demographic, or country or vertical market: it's for everyone".

In an interview with The Independent newspaper, the Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook said that unlike the Virtual Reality (VR) the Augmented Reality enables the users being in the world than in the VR's closed world.

"The outcome of that is that truthful, reliable, non-sensational, deep news outlets will win", he said. He argues a new approach is required in schools.

"In some ways kids will be the easiest to educate".

"We saw this with environmental issues: kids learning at school and coming home and saying, 'Why do you have this plastic bottle?" But the term "fake news" has also been quickly coopted by conservatives maligning legitimate news organizations with which they disagree. "Why are you throwing it away?"