Blizzard finally unveil Overwatch's newest tank hero, Orisa

Blizzard finally unveil Overwatch's newest tank hero, Orisa

We go deep with the new star of Overwatch. Orisa is meant to fulfill the role of "anchor tank", something now only Reinhardt does.

This also brings clarity to a February 27 teaser tweet from Blizzard featuring Efi's list of "things to get" which included a Tolbelstein reactor, an Axiom vocal processor, a Branford arm, and the paint colors for Orisa.

For weeks now players have been combing the game and its content for clues as to the next hero reveal and while there were countless theories, one particular post only hours before Orisa's reveal, actually nailed it. "With the anticipated reveal of a new character to the roster this week, many hoped that this would be the official realization of Crews" rallying.

In a separate developer update, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan discussed every aspect of Orisa, from lore to mechanics.

Finally, Kaplan explained why Orisa was created.

Described as an "anchor tank" on the Overwatch website, who protects her teammates with her Protective Barrier and her Fusion Driver main weapon possesses the most weapon range of any of the tank characters, as well as a high rate of fire and huge clip size. Their interview with Efi Oladele hinted at what many assumed would have something to do with the next Overwatch hero. The cooldown is only eight seconds. Her weapon is the Fusion Driver which can whittle down an opponents health easily and lay down suppressing fire too. She'll also be able to toss out her own barrier, which is kind of a mix between Reinhardt's shield and Winston's barrier. It could be balanced out by Orisa's continued offensive capabilities while her shield is up, but the jury is still out (playtesting, I imagine).

As for the rest of her kit, it only gets better. As well, she has a "Halt!" attack that acts like Zarya's graviton surge, which pulls enemies into a central location. If you think you're safe behind that wall, you aren't: Orisa will quickly yank you out from it. Orisa has no special movement abilities, so depending on how fast she is, she may have to rely on good aim to keep Tracers and Genjis from running circles around her. This can be a valuable ability for grouping enemies and keeping the other team off the point. Here's a breakdown of all her abilities, and how we think they'll be used. Fortify is like an instant temporary armor which reduces damage.