Brazil reassures foreign countries after meat scandal

Brazil reassures foreign countries after meat scandal

Chile is temporarily banning imports of all Brazilian meat products, the agriculture ministry said on Monday.

Meeting ambassadors from Europe, the United States and China, Mr Temer said his government remained confident about the quality of Brazilian meat. But with the latest meat scandal, Brazil's meat profits may be in danger.

More than 80 per cent of the 107,400 tonnes of chicken that South Korea imported previous year came from Brazil, and BRF supplied nearly half of that.

A judge in Brazil has also accused the agriculture ministry of betraying the country as police issued 38 arrest warrants following a clampdown called "Operation Weak Flesh" on Friday (17 March).

Two of the largest meat producers JBS and BRF, both of which sell meat around the world, were among the companies caught up in the raid.

According to the AVA's list of approved countries to export raw and processed meat products, as well as processed eggs, to Singapore, Brazil is allowed to export beef, pork and poultry here.

In a related development, the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the General Authority for Veterinary Services, chose to review all processed meat and poultry shipments imported from Brazil to ensure that health and safety measures have been properly applied.

Brazil is the largest beef and chicken exporter with nearly the fifth of global exports and sells it to about 150 countries, according to the Ministry of Development and Foreign Trade.

"We are major importers of Chilean products: fish, fruit and other products, and Brazilians demand that we should erect barriers".

The European Commission said any companies found to be involved in the scandal there will be denied access to the European Union market.

JBS said: "The company vehemently repudiates any adoption of practices related to the adulteration of products". The company says it meets global standards and supports punishing those who do not adhere to regulations.

Authorities say that out of the 4,800 meatpacking facilities subject to federal inspection in Brazil, 21 are under investigation, including units of the two big companies JBS and BRF. "Should I eat it or just throw it all away?"