'Comedy of errors': #BBCDad speaks of moment his kids' gatecrashed interview

'Comedy of errors': #BBCDad speaks of moment his kids' gatecrashed interview

Well, the BBC dad has finally broken his silence about the whole ordeal, and his response is predictably heart-warming. The BBC interview guy instantly went viral as people could not stop laughing at the adorable and cute incident which highlighted the problems faced while working from home. It initially caused some controversy, as some people assumed Prof Kelly's wife was a nanny.

But after watching the clip, Professor Kelly said they could see the amusing side of the situation.

The family also addressed the media in South Korea in a news conference, verifying that he was wearing trousers. However Kelly - an expert in South Korean affairs who had been invited to discuss the impeachment of the country's President - admits he thought it might mean the end of his working relationship with the corporation.

Kelly's wife Jung-a Kim, whose mad dash into the room was nothing short of heroic, said they "laughed a lot" afterwards. "But videos were made not even an hour after the interview and BBC offered to do another interview, and that's when I realized that I've become famous".

The couple's four-year-old daughter Marion recognised her father on TV and raced off to find him in his study.

Kim said she was in another room recording the interview when she saw the unexpected participants.

She says was in the living room, actually watching her hubby on BBC when the kids escaped her.

"Then I knew it was over", Kelly said of the moment his son rolled through the door.

Marion, who had been celebrating her birthday at kindergarten that day, danced up to her dad who tried to keep a straight face as he fielded questions.

"She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party", Kelly explained.

Kelly and his wife both initially anxious the incident would mark the end of his TV appearances.

The reaction was overwhelming.

Professor Robert Kelly and his family have spoken about being catapulted to fame by a chaotic interview that has been viewed more than 10 million times.

Kelly and Kim spent most of Saturday trying to figure out how to deal with the attention.