Donald Trump Condemns Snoop Dogg For "Disgraceful" Music Video

Donald Trump Condemns Snoop Dogg For

Donald Trump has hit out at Snoop Dogg following the rapper's recent 'Lavender' (Nightfall remix) video featuring Kaytranada that depicts a clown version of the USA president getting mock assassinated with a confetti gun. The rapper, who is a Snoop Dogg protegé, wrote that he will "shut your punk ass up" and "pimp your wife and make her work for us".

"But nobody's dealing with the real issue with this f***ing clown as president, and the s*** that we dealing with out here".

Looks like Snoop is preparing another succulent roast.

Not surprisingly, a Twitter storm has broken out.

Mr Trump voiced his anger over the video on Wednesday morning, accusing the rapper of having a "failing career" and saying he would have been jailed for doing the same thing to President Barack Obama.

Since the video was released, it has drawn criticism from US senator and hip-hop fan Marco Rubio, who said that the rapper should be "very careful" about such depictions.

Furthermore, Sen. Marco Rubio said to TMZ that Snoop Dogg shouldn't have done that because America has suffered assassinations before.

"I thought he was better than that" Cohen said.

The former star of MTV's "Real World" slammed the rapper and his video for "glamorizing" lifestyles that don't help people break the cycles of poverty. "Jail time!" the POTUS just tweeted. At one point, "Ronald Klump" announces he's going to deport all dogs from the country, a reference to President Trump's controversial travel ban against seven Muslim-majority countries.

Snoop has not responded to the call for an apology.

"I just put it out because I feel like it's something that's missing", he said.

Snoop told Billboard this week that he wasn't chasing controversy with the clip, but instead simply wanted to "fill a void" in music.

In a weird Twitter rant, the billionaire businessman hit out at Snoop and said that he had a "failing career".