Final Fantasy VII Remake's Battles Are Action-based, Cover Optional

Final Fantasy VII Remake's Battles Are Action-based, Cover Optional

We have been by on scraps when it comes to Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It shows Cloud taking cover from fire, but Nomura says while there may be some maps that allows you to take such actions, it won't be a necessity.

As there is no denying that "Final Fantasy 7" is the most popular title in the Square Enix series of games, many fans of the game are excited about the arrival of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake".

Nomura: 'FF7 Remake battle is action, not command.

Tetsuya Nomura also talked about the first Final Fantasy VII boss battle against the Guard Scorpion.

The Active Time Battle system was a core component of the original Final Fantasy VII and it seems that this is now changing in the remake.

The idea that a remake of Final Fantasy VII would not fit into a single release was there from the very beginning. The company tweeted a picture of the Guard Scorpion Boss and of Cloud hiding behind a crate. Monsters will also effect surroundings areas based on their elemental properties and offer new challenges for the player to create a more believable and exciting battle experience. However, Nomura said that using cover in the game is optional and that it is only used to show the seamless actions possible in different situations. It's nearly cute how often Square Enix has had to say this without actually showing off the game. Re-releasing the original game with updated graphics is fine but when you start changing core functionality, you are changing what the game fundamentally is. Again, this is similar to how it was in Final Fantasy XV. And as of the moment, he can not explain any further about the multiple parts of the game and would like to encourage people to look forward to other announcements that he or the company would make in the near future.