Gboard adds emoji and GIF suggestions, in-line Google Translate and new themes

Gboard adds emoji and GIF suggestions, in-line Google Translate and new themes

Google recently added a couple of new features to its Gboard for iOS app and it's now bringing some new features to the Android version of its keyboard as well. Translate will launch within Gboard for instant translations. Previously, those who wanted to type messages in another language had to type out their message in Translate or copy and paste it into the Translate app to get a translation of what they wanted to say.

It's the translation feature that will come in most handy.

Today, other platforms, including Apple, offer emoji suggestions as you type, but Gboard is today upping its game by offering suggested GIF searches in the suggestion strip, too. Moreover, You can now share GIFs in supported apps such as Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts and Allo. You may have to first save the file through GIF and then send as an attachment.

Speak up. Voice typing is now easier than ever with an updated interface to make it seamless to switch back to regular typing. Google is positioning Gboard as a one stop solution for translating stuff as well. You can also paste text in another language that you receive into the Translate feature that's accessible through the quick start menu. Android device users no longer have to use the separate Google Translate app to text or email each other in languages other than their own.

Speaking with the update's most notable feature, Google Translate makes a killer cameo here. Oh and thanks to the fact that the Google Neural Machine Translation system is at work here, the sentences are likely to be much more cohesive and intelligible than what you would expect from most other translation tools out there.