Hyundai reveals FE Fuel Cell Concept with 500-mile range

Hyundai reveals FE Fuel Cell Concept with 500-mile range

Like most concept cars, the fuel-cell SUV has its share of glitzy and attention-getting features that likely won't make it into production.

In early 2017 at the Davos World Economic Forum, Hyundai Motor Company joined the launch of the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative to promote the development and commercialization of fuel cell cars as an alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. The power density of the fuel cell stack is increased by 30 percent, boosting range substantially over the third-generation technology.

They included the Hyundai Tucson FCEV, Hyundai's first commercialized fuel cell vehicle now sold in 17 countries, according to the company.

Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles that advance the automotive industry's environmental progress.

With radical flowing lines said to take their inspiration from nature and water - the only substance emitting from its tailpipe - the concept is a radical departure from the Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell and not only in its looks.

Inside, the auto features an integrated air humidifier that Hyundai says recycles the water emitted by the vehicle into the cabin. As a result, Hyundai says the new FE Fuel Cell concept has a range of almost 800 km on hydrogen before refuelling.

Hydrogen fuel cells are energy systems that have very recently begun to gain traction in the transportation space. Range is usually on top of the list for most eco vehicle buyers and with the current competitors including the Mirai doing 312 miles and the Clarity Fuel Cell producing 365 miles, the FE on range alone should win some followers.

Finally, the production vehicle inspired by the FE Fuel Cell concept will feature the Hyundai Smart Sense driver assistance technologies, making it not just green, but safe, too. This ensures that the vehicle has more range, reported Auto Blog.

The FE concept also features portable battery packs that users can recharge inside the vehicle and then use to charge their gadgets wherever they may go.

"The FE Fuel Cell Concept uses the fourth-generation fuel-cell system that is created to provide the same power and performance of a gasoline engine, with a cruising range of over 800 kilometers", the carmaker said in a press release. There are plans for more hydrogen refuelling stations by 2020, with journeys from Los Angeles to San Francisco now very attainable.