Man with backpack breaches White House security while Trump inside, CNN reports

Man with backpack breaches White House security while Trump inside, CNN reports

The entrance where the man was arrested is near the part of the White House where the President resides. Court documents reveal he came just yards from the east wing and President Trump was inside.

The incident occurred about 11:38 p.m. on the south grounds of the executive mansion.

He addressed the incident to a group of reporters Saturday, saying he appreciated the Secret Service's efforts.

Surveillance footage shows Tran jumping a fence located near the Treasury Building, which is the neighbor building to the White House, the complaint reads.

A District of Columbia Superior Court judge ordered the suspect detained through the weekend.

He was charged with entering restricted grounds while carrying weapons - two cans of mace. He has already appeared in a DC court on March 11 and is set to go to court on March 13, ABC News reports. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

His court-appointed attorney, Mr Gregg Baron, asked that his client be released. Tran is a San Jose State University graduate. He made no public statement.

President Trump was inside the White House at the time and on Saturday said he appreciated the Secret Service efforts and that the accused is disturbed.

He also carried a letter he had written to Trump that mentioned "Russian hackers", and said he had relevant information, US authorities said in the documents.

Joseph Clancy, who replaced Pierson during Obama's administration, said last month he planned to step down in March, allowing Trump to name his own security chief.