'This Is Us' Cast, Creator Rank the Emotional Finale in Kleenex Boxes

'This Is Us' Cast, Creator Rank the Emotional Finale in Kleenex Boxes

But perhaps the bigger question now is: What was the state of Jack and Rebecca's marriage when he passed away?

Was the on-screen chemistry between you and Milo, who you'd never met before, immediate? (It also left many fans bashing Rebecca, whether that's fair or not.) We got to see the lovely way Jack and Rebecca met, but also the ugly way they separated. Jack's on his last leg working odd jobs, putting up with his father, and plotting bar heists to make a quick buck. The sneaky series tricks us into believing Jack and Rebecca have been set up on a blind date, until Rebecca ditches boring Ethan to sing at the bar Jack planned to rob. Of course not, but please don't be upset if you find out something you don't really want to know.

Last week, fans held their breath as a seemingly drunk Jack Pearson (played by Milo) drove off in his vehicle to go save his marriage to Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Has any coincidence ever been so perfectly timed? I'm glad Jack didn't die in a drunk driving accident and I wish he didn't have to die at all, I love Milo in this role, but it did seem like a unsatisfying season finale. But the meaning of "Moonshadow" doesn't end with the coincidence of it already being in Moore's catalogue. If Jack never ceases to be this larger-than-life persona within the Pearson family history, how could anyone realistically understand how Rebecca could be with someone else?

It's just that "This Is Us" fans are used to having STRONG feelings about each episode, and this one was just. OK?

The whole point of Jack's storyline was to reinforce his monologue to Rebecca at the end. Unbeknown to him, Rebecca had chose to leave after her bandmate and one-time fling, Ben, tried to kiss her. The fact that Rebecca saved him from risking jail singing "Moon Shadow" by Cat Stevens was a thing of beauty.

The first season of NBC's critically acclaimed drama This Is Us comes to an end Tuesday (9 p.m., ET/PT) with numerous show's characters making big decisions that are likely to affect their futures. Their marriage has been irreparably fractured. Where does he stand when it comes to the loving relationship of Jack and Rebecca? "As Rebecca said, things were said that can't be taken back in the light of day". A nice postscript to this moment was when Rebecca confessed to Randall after William's funeral. Jack didn't exaggerate his exhaustion as the breadwinner because he was drunk. But even if we kept Fogelman's assurance out of the equation, it's clear there's still so much more of Jack's story to tell before he ultimately meets his maker. Oh, Jack fights dirty. During the emotional Jack/Rebecca fight scene in the season finale, both Metz and Watson were on set to watch Ventimiglia and Moore work and to offer emotional support. As Jack leaves for Miguel's with a parting wink, Rebecca holds her moon necklace between her fingers. Will they, as the song goes, leap and hop to a new beginning? How will these life changes intersect with the rich stories from Pearson past? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. "You weren't just my great love story, you were my big break", he tells her.

Still, all in all, the finale solidified This Is Us's status as one of the season's best series, and one of the few that attempts to explore the intricacies of everyday life without relying on a procedural hook or falling into cheap, grim pessimism. At the same time, maybe the fault is in us for putting our own expectations (albeit expectations that were hinted at incessantly) on the show. Were you aware of the "Moonshadow" connection?