This Is What's New In the PS4 4.50 Update

This Is What's New In the PS4 4.50 Update

First, you'll need to attach a USB 3.0 HDD to your console and set it up - full instructions for doing this can be found in our guide for how to use an external hard drive for extended storage on your PS4.

Click on "Update PlayStation VR Device Software", click "Next", and finally "Update".

In early February, Sony released details about the upcoming PlayStation 4 system software update, code-named Sasuke, and proceeded to roll it out to beta testers.

The PS4 4.5 update also includes a tweak for PlayStation VR that makes 2D images look better on the virtual reality headset. After the update drops tomorrow, the resolution of the image on your TV shouldn't change when you enter VR mode.

Boost Mode allows games that aren't optimized for the PS4 Pro's advanced hardware to leverage the GPU and CPU to increase frame rates and lower load times.

From the PS4 home screen, go to Settings Devices PlayStation VR PlayStation VR Device Software.

The Boost Mode feature aims to improve the quality and performance of games that have not been patched to support PS4 Pro. This feature has been created to provide better performance for select legacy titles that have not been patched to take advantage of the PS4 Pro's faster CPU and its faster and double-sized GPU. You'll also be able to use voice chat when playing a game in remote play mode on PC or an Xperia phone (the PS Vita doesn't appear to support this feature).

We have a variety of off-console apps and features that make communication with other gamers easier, like the PlayStation App and PS Messages. If you get an invitation to a party, you can send a quick reply saying "I'll join later", or "Sorry, I can't join".

"This can provide a noticeable frame rate boost to some games with variable frame rates, and can provide frame rate stability for games that are programmed to run at 30 Hz or 60 Hz", Sony explained. And Sony added a PSN service status indicator to the Communities app. Boost Mode is available as a toggle under Settings System Boost Mode, and it seems to work just fine. Thanks to those who have taken part in the beta and provided us with useful feedback.