Why I Pre-Ordered a Nintendo Switch

Why I Pre-Ordered a Nintendo Switch

The Switch is a gutsy attempt by Nintendo to reclaim its territory in both the home and portable markets.

The core of Switch is very much like a tablet.

Nintendo's Wii in 2006 introduced motion control to gaming and was a massive success, forcing Microsoft and Sony to respond with their own motion controls. Consoles gathered dust because there weren't enough compelling games to play. Didn't matter if it was in tablet mode or TV mode - press the power button, no response. In 1-2 Switch, Nintendo's family-friendly collection of mini-games, players use the individual Joy-Con controllers to perform tasks such as playing table tennis, milking cows or picking up a telephone.

Sliding into each side of Switch are two "Joy-Con" controllers, which resemble miniature versions of the Wii remote.

If you're planning to get a Nintendo Switch after it launches tomorrow, here is one thing I would recommend: Do not lick the cartridges.

The Joy-Cons are surprisingly comfortable given that they are small, about the size of a candy bar. But Nintendo also wants you to play socially, so each Joy-Con functions as a freestanding controller for party games like "Just Dance 2017" and 'Super Bomberman R'. Now thanks to a report from Polygon, more details have surfaced regarding this limitation.

Addressing some known connectivity issues with the Switch's Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo cautioned that nearby wireless devices may cause interference, preventing the Joy-Con from pairing to the main system properly or registering the correct controls.

As expected digital game purchases on Nintendo Switch can only be played on one system at a time - the "active" system linked to your Nintendo Account. The reality is far more complex and while mobile games are indeed cheaper to develop, they rarely make any money due to the saturation of games on those platforms.

Friday's 3.7 per cent rise was accompanied by long queues at retailers in Tokyo, London and NY as gamers brushed aside the high starting price of $299.99 (about €285) for the Switch, which aims to bridge home and portable games devices with a single machine. Don't put your Switch behind your TV or "near an aquarium", and don't put it in or under a metal object or near lots of wires.

Consisting of a hard shell, the Hori Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch has a flap inside that protects the console's touchscreen specifically.

Here's Nintendo's Switch support page if you're still having problems. To that end, Nintendo has an elfin ace up its sleeve in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".