2D Character Design Track

For artists focused on a career in designing characters for film, games, and other entertainment industries

Courses start on April 15th, 2023


Understand the role of a Character Designer in a Production

H.R. Giger, Phil Tippett, Ray Harryhausen, Stan Winston, Patrick Tatopoulos–all are rightly regarded as legends in the entertainment industry. Their visions have helped define popular culture, inspiring thousands of creative minds, and entertaining millions worldwide. It’s clearly no overstatement to say that character design and creature design are some of the most exciting, creative, and celebrated artistic disciplines. Gaining entry into this field isn’t always easy: this is where our Character Design classes come in. Designed for those already versed in the fundamentals of drawing and design, this track carefully builds on those core skills to give students head-to-toe training in the art of human and creature character design for the video game and other entertainment industries. Students will be ideally placed to make the leap to a character design/concept art position at a film, animation, games, or print-based studio. It’s recommended to have some foundation skills in drawing character/animal anatomy before starting these courses.

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for a course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.

Should you have any questions regarding these courses please contact [email protected] Additionally, you only pay for the course(s) you take in a given term.

Understand the role of a Character Designer in a Production

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January 21st- April
14th 2023
April 15th - July
7th 2023
July 8th - September
30th 2023
September 30th - December
22nd, 2023

As you complete each course you will receive a certificate of completion for that course. In order to qualify for an in course certificate of completion, students must complete at least 80% of the class assignment during the duration of the course.  

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Learn from award-winning artists who've worked at top studios around the world

  • Alexandra Baker

    Mr. Nacorda was so understanding when I explained that I have autism and need things explained directly. He adjusted his feedback for the videos and helped me to understand more.

  • Ulina Small

    He is a very personable guy—his spirit makes learning this content fun. He is good at not only finding the students faults, but also remembering to point out the things the student has done well.

  • Zahra Hasan

    Christian Nacorda is the best instructor I’ve ever met. He teaches his students with passion and he truly transfers this passion to students through his lectures. He is such a good supporter of amateurs. I was always afraid of drawing Anatomy but Christian made it so easy to learn. I am very pleased to had this opportunity to be his student.

  • Amy Chen

    He has a great personality that shines through in the lectures. His lectures are always funny, interesting, and informative. I enjoyed watching all of the videos and participating in the live Q&As.

  • Jonah Warnock

    Really good at explaining difficult concepts and was really nice to everyone.

  • Paulina Ryguer

    Ron Lemen is an excellent teacher—very communicative and invested in his students’ improvement. Ron’s Q&A sessions were always informative and enjoyable. He encouraged discussions and answered students’ questions in-depth.

  • Makoto Yuan

    Ron definitely showed that he cares about student progress and gave some amazing advice about anatomy drawing, and also about growth as an artist in general.

  • Rodrigo Gay

    I truly was impressed by his skill. He dragged us from simplicity to complexity using a very simple method. I really liked the class. BRAVO!

  • Antonio Díaz

    I have been trying to learn anatomy by myself for some time now, and I feel that this course has helped me to finally grasp a lot about anatomy! Everything finally made sense!

  • Mei-li Liezl Buenaventura

    Really impressed with Ron and happy I took the class with him. I am definitely a better artist now than I was six weeks ago, and as someone who already has a BFA (and has taken many many figure drawing classes in the past), I was really happy that Ron was teaching such a technical way of approaching the subject matter. In our first lesson he mentioned gesture drawing and how frustrating he found it to be as it did not yield a usable mannequin, and as someone who learned the “old way”, I can definitely agree. Really, really useful class, taught by a great artist!

  • John Waggoner

    A great teacher, Ron was able to be stern in his critiques while never seeming hostile or combative. I always felt that my improvement was his first priority.

  • Nikhil Arora

    Ron is a tremendous source of information. He really knows his stuff, and he gives good critiques. Also special commendation for getting all the feedback videos in before the Q&As.

  • Massiel Valenzuela-Castaneda

    Ron was great! His examples are easy to understand and he’s probably the best art instructor I have ever had!

  • Nick Fernandez

    Ron’s knowledge on anatomy is exponential, and I felt like I could ask him anything regarding how to draw the figure.

  • Seven Jones

    Nate Wragg is easily one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He seems like a truly caring human being and a top level instructor. I would give him a 20 on a scale of 1-10.

  • John Steventon

    Nate Wragg continues to impress me with his knowledge of the material, and the skills he displayed in demos and in the Q&As! He really knows his stuff, and the fact that he is willing to share that knowledge with us is really great. He is also open and honest about the industry, and what we will face when we get there. Honestly, I feel honored to have studied with him, and hope to work with him in the future.

  • Lauren Chaikin

    I genuinely feel like my skills are becoming competitive for the animation design job market thanks to Nate!

  • Melis Malatani

    Great instructor. An online course can sometimes be very detached from the real experience of a classroom, however Nate really engaged us as students through his lectures and fast & useful critiques, which made the whole experience more effective and real.

  • Kate Dmitrieva

    Nate is a great instructor with very professional approach. Many thanks for his thorough feedbacks and always being there to help.

  • Mary Highstreet

    Fantastic class! Nate is a great teacher and an incredible resource, I’m so thankful for his dedication to teaching!!

  • Bukela Campbell

    He is a perfect mentor and I really enjoyed the learning path with Nate Wragg. I learned so much and he is really motivating.

  • Emma Baumann

    Phil was an absolutely phenomenal teacher. He was very engaging in our Q&A sessions, and really went the extra mile to help us. I got a lot of valuable feedback from him, and would love to learn more from him in the future.

  • Natalie Sega

    Absolutely fantastic. Phil always spent enough time talking to everyone about their work and teaching a few new techniques. Also always very positive and encouraging.

  • Lance Dobersek

    Phil really went above and beyond to give everyone an equal footing while helping us all along no matter the skill level.

  • Daina Valiulis

    was awesome!! He was so positive and encouraging. He spoke to us like we are his peers and got excited about everyone’s work.

  • Ibrahim Khan

    Very positive and can see the potential of a concept in an initial drawing.

  • Angie Ngie

    She’s not afraid to repeat the same feedback where necessary, I appreciate her patience.

  • Jeremy Precel

    Mélanie was amazing! this was my first CGMA class and it has definitely got my so pumped up to take more classes.

  • Cathia Nofziger

    Melanie is amazing and I learned so much from her. I am so grateful for all the time she spent coaching me and helping me improve. Wonderful teacher!

  • Anne Goodman

    I think Melanie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I appreciate both her thoroughness and attention to detail!