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Refine your team’s skills with targeted training services developed and hosted by the industry experts.

Upskill Talent

Upskilling refers to the process of teaching current employees new skills. By upskilling current talent, production can fill open positions while retaining their current workforce through learning opportunities.

CGMA offers numerous beginner and advanced courses that cover core subjects most relevant to the industry. By utilizing us to engage with your artistic educational needs, you can:

  • Close Skill Gaps by getting ahead of future talent shortages
  • Promote From Within and save on time & hiring cost by cultivating from existing talent
  • Increase Productivity through improved/expanded roles and employee retention

For group rates, whether for one or one hundred, we can work with your needs. Please reach out to us below to learn more.


Custom Training

Regardless of job role, skill set, or experience level, let us help you deliver the right training to every employee in your organization through personalized course recommendations. With CGMA’s Custom Training, organizations have the ability to tailor each and every aspect of the training process. This includes customized lessons structured according to the company’s own policies. Additionally:

  • Train teams for specific production needs
  • Create custom training courses, lessons, and materials for entire departments
  • Custom project/software-specific training
Custom Training

Management Training

A great artist doesn’t always make a great manager. But like any skill, this one can be acquired with the proper guidance and instruction. With CGMA’s Management Training, key personnel are not only developed into effective leaders but also better communicators and problem solvers who can help get the most out of their teams. Our focus will be to:

  • Equip First-Time Managers with production-focused tools for practical problem-solving and dynamic situational analysis
  • Strengthen Team Growth through novel communication methods that are relevant to business objectives
  • Upgrade Existing Leadership with new collaboration-focused skills and decision-making approaches
  • Future-proof Managers by showing them not only the skills needed to transform their organizations’ quality of work, but also the mindset to successfully navigate this digital age


Management Training

Onsite Training

The biggest advantage of on-site training is location, location, location! With the training done on the company’s premises, employees save valuable time, which would otherwise be lost by commuting from another location to the trainer. Moreover, we can utilize your onsite software and hardware (or bring our own).

To best facilitate onsite training, CGMA learning experts curate content into a series of training materials covering dozens of topics that can be immediately shared with team members across your organization. Additionally, onsite training ensures:

  • That talent has access to training that works around their schedules
  • Team members are kept up to date on current company protocols
  • Privacy
  • A boost to talent productivity and your bottom line
  • Access to a dedicated team of professional instructors.
  • Teams learn with real-world, mission-specific examples to ensure your project’s success
  • Companies can train several groups of staff concurrently, to significantly reduce expenses
  • That your existing content/pipeline is available for artists to work on
Onsite Training


Leverage curriculum development from a premier leader in online education.

Give your school and its students access to some of the most robust art, games, and film industry courseware around. With our Academic Partners Program, you can select a suite of courses (or commission a custom curriculum) that best complement your core classes while granting your students access to some of the industry’s best artists and training. With a heavy focus on industry-relevant material, our classes target current studio / production workflows, cutting-edge graphics techniques, and standard industry software/tools. More importantly, your student body will benefit greatly from the personal, individual feedback and weekly live Q&A sessions from professional artists from the industry’s top studios, such as Disney, Pixar, ILM, DreamWorks, Sony, Nickelodeon, and Marvel, to name a few. Couple this with a full year of extended access to course lectures and content, and you will all but ensure their exponential growth.



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