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    Pay in installments

    If you wish to split a single (or multi-course) purchase into- up to four -monthly installments, you can do so using our extended Payment Plan feature. At the time of the final purchase, you will be presented with the choice of doing either a “Single Payment” or our “Installment Plans” option with a drop-down menu. For new students, this will be at the end of the registration form you complete after making your course selection(s). For existing students, this will be after you log in and make your class selection(s). Depending on when you register, you will see options for either 4, 3, or 2 monthly installments.

    Additionally, CGMA is rolling out another payment plan to minimize financial constraints. Now, you can split your tuition into 4 parts throughout the registration period, and not limited to the first two weeks. You’ll pay every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. Take note that it has a 3% processing fee, but will provide you with more financial flexibility. Learn more about this payment plan on

    From there:

    • Select the payment plan that best fits your needs
    • Select a payment method
    • Proceed to the checkout page to see your final monthly amount and payment schedule.

    That’s it!

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    Ask your company to pay.

    Find out if your employer pays for professional development. Over 35% of CGMA students receive tuition reimbursements from their employers. Companies that invest in their employees’ growth through CGMA include: Disney, Ubisoft, EA, Dreamworks, Riot Games, Blizzard, Guerrilla Games, Zinga, Google, Zenimax, Certain Affinity, WMS Games, Creative Assembly, Rareware, Cartoon Network, FOX, Hasbro Games, Marvel Animation, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers. Ask your supervisor or HR department if this is something your company offers.

    It’s imperative that professional artists always improve their skills and continue to grow. This not only benefits them but, more importantly, benefits their employers. It’s a win-win. Over the years, CGMA has seen artists develop new skills and techniques that helped them further excel at their crafts, and it’s always amazing to see employers invest in that growth.

    Employer-sponsored education is something that some companies offer but most employees are not aware of. Over 35% of CGMA students receive tuition reimbursements from their employers, and it is estimated that U.S. companies spend over 160 billion dollars on employee training per year.

    An investment like this not only creates highly valuable employees but can also provide tax advantages for the companies. All you have to do is start the conversation. Ask your supervisor or HR department if this is something your company offers. They might have a training budget for professional development, and classes could be paid upfront or with tuition reimbursement. CGMA provides certificates of completion that can aid with this process. Here is a more comprehensive list of companies that invest in their employee’s growth through CGMA.

    Disney Riot Games Google Creative Assembly
    Ubisoft Blizzard Zenimax Rareware
    EA Guerrilla Games Certain Affinity Cartoon Network
    Dreamworks Zynga WMS Games FOX
    Hasbro Games Marvel Animation Nickelodeon Paramount
    Sony Pictures Warner Brothers Rockstead Ltd Samsung- Sidia
    Pacisoft Vietnam Co., Ltd SpearSoft KeyWords Studio

    Please check with your HR department for the most updated reimbursement policies. If your company offers this assistance and is not listed here, or if you have any further questions regarding employer-reimbursement, please contact us at [email protected], or by phone at 818-561-9542



    Get partial reimbursement.

    *Due to covid-19 this service is not applicable at this time*

    In partnership with the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) and the Animation Guild IATSE Local 839, CGMA courses qualify for tuition reimbursement through the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program. CSATTF provides up to 66% reimbursement to qualifying Animation Guild members, which means that a course priced at $699 could cost you only $233! For more information, and to download the application form, go to the Vendor Provided Classes page of the Animation Guild website.

    In partnership with the Contract Services Administration Trust Fund (CSATF) and the Animation Guild IATSE Local 839, CGMA courses qualify for tuition reimbursement through the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program.

    Members can be anyone who works in the motion picture, theatrical/stage, sound, and/or supporting industries (i.e. producers, directors, technicians, basic crafts locals, etc.), and is a part of their associated labor organization. If you would like to find out if you qualify as a member, please call the CSATF at: 818.847.0040 Ext.1260, or visit their website.

    CSATF is a non-profit organization that administers a variety of programs for the benefit of the motion picture and television industry. The Animation Guild is a labor organization that represents animation and visual effects artists. This program, which is administered by the Contract Services Administration Training Trust Fund (the “Fund”) on behalf of entertainment industry employers, has been created to provide reimbursements to qualified members (or payments to vendors) for certain eligible approved training expenses that you incur in connection with your employment.

    In order to participate in the CSATTF Skills Training Grant program, CGMA students who are Fund members will need to provide the Fund with substantiation or proof that you, in fact, incurred the expenses for which you are receiving reimbursement (or for which the Fund is making payments to vendors). Proof of tuition from CGMA courses consists of either a copy of your PayPal receipt or a Certificate of Completion for the course. This substantiation must be submitted to the Fund within a reasonable time after the expense is incurred.

    If you would like to file for tuition reimbursement, please download and fill out the latest Vendor Provided Training Skills Training Application here. All forms should be submitted directly to CSATF.

    Contact for CSATF:

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 818-847-0040, Ext. 1260

    Fax: 818.847.0048

    In person or by mail to:

    CSATF Attn: Skills Training

    2710 Winona Avenue

    Burbank, CA 91504>



    Training for Vererans & Servicemembers

    If you are looking to take advantage of military or vocational rehabilitation benefits, you should reach out to the concerned authorities to see if your courses can be paid by your division. Currently, CGMA is working with the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

    Residents of California can also take advantage of the Employment Development Department since it benefits job seekers, laid-off workers, youth, individuals currently working, veterans, and people with disabilities. CGMA is working with the Employment Development Department to assist such requests. For more information please visit

    For more information please reach out to [email protected].



    Find out what your country offers.

    Some countries provide government assistance for continuing education and professional development:

    • Canada:

      If you are a resident of Canada, you can apply for assistance through ACCESS COMMUNITY CAPITAL FUND (please visit their website for more details and to fill out an application).

    • France:

      If you are a resident of France, you can apply for assistance through the AFDAS organization (please visit their website for more details and to fill out an application).

    Find out if your country of residence offers assistance! If your country offers assistance and is not listed here, please let us know so that we can add it to this page. You may contact us at [email protected].



    Ask about education loans and deductions

    Be sure to consult a tax professional to find out if you qualify for an education deduction. Current IRS publication 970 states that ‘If your education is not required by your employer or the law, it can be qualifying work-related education only if it maintains or improves skills needed in your present work. This could include refresher courses, courses on current developments, and academic or vocational courses.’ (pg 65) So in short, if you are a concept artist, visual development artist, or something of the like, then you may qualify for an education deduction. It is important to note that this paragraph is for informational purposes only and you should ALWAYS consult a tax professional in your country before making tax-related decisions. For more information about this particular section of IRS pub. 970 please visit the IRS website here: IRS pub 970.

    For education loans, talk to your bank or private loan provider about financing options.


Tuition Comparison

You’re taking the first steps towards advancing your education – you’ve got the drive, the determination and the end goal in mind. But now you might be thinking about how you’re going to pay for your tuition.

Art education can be extremely expensive and access to quality instruction often seems unattainable. The information below reflects an estimated Tuition 
cost of a BFA at premiere Art Schools which ranges between $33000-39000 per year (according to the US Department of Education). On top of tuition, the estimated cost of attendance for these programs (rooms, boarding, transportation and academic fees) can cost up to $40,000.

In light of this- CGMA offers the most affordable courses for the quality of education. You do not need a college degree to get a job in well known studios since college degrees are not used in assessing skills for employment within the arts. Our courses are competitively priced and range between $499 – $998 per course , meanwhile the tracks range between $6000- $10,000. We understand that access to quality instruction with a flexible schedule is the need of the hour. Our courses are offered in an online learning environment with individual feedback from an industry veteran along with live Q&A sessions, one year extended access to course content, individual course Certificates of Completion and dedicated Admissions and Academic Advising teams offering complimentary portfolio reviews and ongoing support to help you reach your goals.
For more information on how you can finance your education please reach out to us at 1 800 959-0316
or take a look at our tuition aid page for additional resources.

Estimated Tuition per Year vs School

Did you know?

  • 10 of the top tech companies ie . Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc have dropped the need for a bachelors degree for employment
  • The price of education has gone up 260% since 1980. This dwarfs the average US Inflation Rates for the same time period by a factor of 170
  • Studios do not look for college degrees in assessing skills for employment within the arts
  • 11 out of the 15 most expensive universities in the country are art schools.