Patrick Jones

Patrick Jones



Known for his awe inspiring style and luscious colored paintings.

Patrick J. Jones is an award winning artist, author and teacher. He has worked as a concept artist and book illustrator for many publishing companies and his work has featured in major U.S. exhibitions, both in NYC and Pennsylvania. His oil paintings and drawings reside in private collections worldwide.

Patrick is the author of four best selling art technique books: ’Oil Painting: Masterclass’ and ’Sci-fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques’, ‘The Anatomy of Style’ and ‘Figures from Life’. His work has also been collected in a hardcover volume, ‘The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones’. His next book ‘The Lying Eye: Drawing from Photos’ will be released via Korero Press in 2022.

  • Guido Lenzi

    Just a great guy, he really pushed me forward.

  • Jonathan Valdez

    I cannot say enough about Patrick’s ability to communicate his process. Patrick was extremely helpful to everyone during the Q&A and took his time with every single critique. I consider Patrick one if not the best teacher I had the pleasure of studying under. He is a true master of anatomy and I cannot recommend his class enough. I hope to one day have the opportunity to study under him again.

  • Nancy Vw

    One of the best instructors I have ever had. My artwork improved considerably during this course, as did my understanding of the figure. The instructor is extremely sincere, and encouraging while having high expectations for excellence. I wish that he were teaching more courses. I would take them all.

  • Sean Guzman

    Great job, especially considering it was the first class Patrick taught on the CGMA platform.

  • Marcellino Tan

    All of the instructors should be like him!

  • Joshua Moya

    Patrick has opened the world of traditional art to me. And I am forever great full. His passion for his work resonates clearly in his lectures and QA sessions. He really makes it feel like a world I want to be part of. I will continue to work in charcoal and sanguine long after this class. Thank you Patrick.

  • Liberty Johse

    I learned so much in this class. Patrick is a fantastic teacher, artist, and person. He truly cares about art and the well-being of his students, like a drawing art-dad!