Mélanie Delon

Mélanie Delon

Freelance Digital Illustrator


"I always start an illustration with a preconceived idea of the story."

Mélanie Delon is freelance digital illustrator with much experience with clients and publications, they include Spectrum, Ballistic Publishing, Ubisoft, TOR Book, Random House, Orbit Books, Penguin, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Scholastic, Imagine Fx magazine, and Elixir 1, Norma Editorial, D’artiste Digital painting 2, Elixir 2 2007, Opale 1 2014.

  • Angie Ngie

    She’s not afraid to repeat the same feedback where necessary, I appreciate her patience.

  • Jeremy Precel

    Mélanie was amazing! this was my first CGMA class and it has definitely got my so pumped up to take more classes.

  • Cathia Nofziger

    Melanie is amazing and I learned so much from her. I am so grateful for all the time she spent coaching me and helping me improve. Wonderful teacher!

  • Anne Goodman

    I think Melanie is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I appreciate both her thoroughness and attention to detail!

  • Ariel Tang

    Melanie was a great instructor and cared very much for helping students learn.

  • Nicole Slater

    She was very kind and pushed the idea of imperfection is perfection, and I loved it. It was exactly what I needed to step forward and become a better artist. Somebody that everybody should learn from.

  • Alessandra Divizia

    Amazingly talented artist, and very kind and thoughtful teacher.

  • Agnes Buronyi

    Melanie is a very nice and helpful person—she actively participated on the forum, answered every question, and her feedbacks were great. She really cared about her students and helped us to improve.

  • Ilona Winkler

    Mélanie is by far the best instructor I’ve had at CGMA so far. She is an amazing artist and shares her knowledge! And she also gives helpful feedback, like really telling you what does not work in your drawing and why.

  • Sheryl Soong

    My favorite CGMA teacher so far, and I’ve taken like half a dozen classes! I really appreciate how she was around on the site too to answer questions about WIPs.