Aaron Limonick

Aaron Limonick

Concept Artist


"If technology is responsible for your success, you’re doing something wrong."

Aaron Limonick has been working as a concept artist in entertainment since 2004. He has worked on feature films such as Seventh Son, RIPD, Into the Storm, and Jupiter Ascending, and worked for studios such as LEGO, Disney, Rhythm and Hues, Method Studios, and Mirada. Now, Aaron is working for Sony at Naughty Dog Inc. and has recently worked on The Last of Us and Uncharted

  • Geneviève Huard

    Aaron was a very articulate and fun instructor, always motivated and motivating! I’ll definitively miss him!

  • Jeff Holloway

    Aaron Limonick is an excellent instuctor, I really valued the lectures and individual feedback. I think that is one of the most important benefits that your courses provide—real feedback and advice from the instructor. Aaron was great and I would absolutely take other courses that he teaches!

  • Barbara Pozzi

    Aaron limonick is very good! I really appreciated his help!

  • Jordan Albro

    Aaron is certainly interested in the improvement of the students and always has something to offer when looking at homework.

  • Allan Boulogne

    Aaron is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve learned more from him in 8 weeks than I have at my art college in 2 years. One more reason I’m making the full switch to you guys. Top notch stuff. Great honor to have him as a teacher.

  • Zi Xu

    Loved having Aaron as an instructor. He gave the class a wealth of knowledge and techniques on the concept art process. It has really helped me create better environment pieces for sure.

  • Jacob Whitlow

    I loved this intructor (Aaron Limonick) and I think he is an excellent teacher, not just a talented professional.