Refunds & Transfer Policies


In general, there are no refunds for CGMA Master Classes. To obtain a full refund you must contact CGMA at least 5 days prior to the starting of the course. Regardless of the situation, a 5% processing fee of the total course price is included in all transactions and is not refundable. Remember that when you register for a class you hold a seat that cannot be purchased by somebody else once class starts – particularly in a class that is filled to capacity.

Nevertheless, here are some options we provide for CGMA students who may have special circumstances:

  • Please be advised that the following Refund/transfer policy does not apply to group purchases (5 or more courses per term). For such cases please contact our Admissions Departments at [email protected]
  • Request for course cancellation- during the first week of a course -may qualify for a refund (minus a 15% cancellation fee of the total course price).
  • For courses that are 5-6 weeks in duration, there are no refunds or transfers after their Week-1 assignment due date.
  • Request for course cancellation during the second week of an 8-10 week-long course (and before their assignment due date) may qualify for a refund, minus a 22% cancellation fee of the total course price.
  • For courses that are 8-10 weeks long, there is no refund allowed after their Week-2 assignment due date.
  • For the courses Advanced Substance for Environment Art or Animation for Beginners (i.e. a 3/4-week-long course), there are no refunds or transfers allowed.


Generally, same term course transfers are permitted at no cost to you so long as:

  • The request was made before the end of Week-1
  • The course being transferred into is not sold out.

Concerning course transfers between terms (i.e. transfers from one term into another), this may be allowed under certain circumstances and at CGMA’s sole discretion. However, an administrative fee equivalent to 10%- or more -of the course cost (before any discounted price, if applicable) will be applied in such cases. That said, please note that before a student is confirmed as enrolled in the next term, the transfer fee must be paid first. All transfers must be requested within Week-1 of the course you’re transferring out of. Additionally, all transfer requests must be submitted during the same fiscal year the course(s) were purchased; otherwise, increased transfer fees will apply.