Analytical Figure Drawing

An 8-week foundation course focused on the analysis of the figure starting from skeleton, to muscle, and skin layover, and how to communicate the figure’s form, shape, and function


Analyze and understand the human figure

Course Trailer
Course Trailer

The more you know, the better.

  • Ron Lemen is a concept artist and art director for the games industry. He currently is a full time freelance artist and has worked with numerous clients such as Blizzard, Lucasarts, Transworld Media, Activision, Upper Deck, Dragon Lance, White Wolf, Time Warner, Wizards of the Coast, Image Comics, Birdhouse Projects, Ride Snowboards, Disney, and more.

  • Rey Bustos teaches anatomy through ecorche’ and life drawing at his Alma Mater The Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, California State University at Los Angeles and at Disney Feature Animation. He also has a private teaching business “Go For Baroque” where he teaches art to kids(of all ages) at their home. He recently finished publishing his own anatomy book, “Rey’s Anatomy” by Design Studio Press, available through his website. In his spare time he prepares for his classes and has a sandwich.

  • Lanny is a freelance storyboard and concept artist working in the advertising and film industry. Developing an interest early on in the work of the golden age illustrators, he set his focus on figurative drawing and painting, and creating art as a means of visual storytelling. After graduating from CSULB with a BFA in illustration, Lanny moved to New York where he is currently represented by Famous Frames. Aside from working as an artist, Lanny continues to study at various art schools, create personal work on his own, and is about to release his first instructional drawing book “Mastering Realism”.

  • Christian Nacorda is a concept artist, sculptor, and instructor starting teaching in 2005 Art Institute Orange County, He currently teaches at Art Institute Inland Empire and Norco College. Previously held a position of a sculptor at Atomic Monkey working on various titles such as Simpsons, Family Guy, Uncharted, Halo, Bioshock, Chicken Little, and Meet the Robinsons.

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Feb 6, 2023 - Apr 24, 2023
Course Begins
April 16th


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  • Robert Zsombori

    By gaining some understanding on anatomy, I was able to overall improve my figure drawing. As a story and concept artist, this course was a good investment. Thank you.

  • Martha Balaile

    I have gained more confidence and my anatomy drawings look much better. I can also draw from a reference without relying too heavily on it now.

  • Nikhil Arora

    Ron Lemen is a tremendous source of information. He really knows his stuff, and he gives good critiques. Also special commendation for getting all the feedback videos in before the Q&As.

  • Khadeeja Jamaal

    Rey is the best teacher I have ever had. The effort he puts is inspiring. I feel like he really has made a massive difference to my learning. I understand so much more. So good!

  • Antonio Díaz

    I have been trying to learn anatomy by myself for some time now, and I feel that Ron’s course helped me to finally grasp a lot about anatomy! Everything finally made sense!